Venus in Aries gives you the charm and diplomacy to sell just about anything or yourself in a meeting or interview, as assertive Mars gives you the courage to express yourself and your ideas confidently to others. Sun puts a spotlight on increasing your income, providing a good business month.


Happy Birthday! You commence a new cycle with responsible Saturn (combined with innovative Uranus from your 8th of finance and ambitious Mars) highlighting your sector of income, triggering a new cycle for initiating profitable business projects that you will push hard to achieve.


Assertive Mars is in Gemini, providing a good opportunity for taking bold risks and initiating new projects; but remember that if you are too aggressive, others will push back. The first half of the month is best for making sure any of your projects are solid and ready to go, with the last week being the best time to launch.


Creative and social Venus transits your career sector. This is good for artists, performers, and for anyone seeking positive business feedback. Mars triggers action, but it’s hanging out in your shadow sector, proving it best for working alone on developing projects. Friends & associates can be supportive.


Pleasure-seeking Venus is transiting your travel sector, but you will need to plan any vacation time around your work, as the Sun will be shining on your career sector and assertive Mars is motivating you to accomplish your plans and goals, giving a good balance between work and play.




Assertive Mars enters your career sector for the first time in 2 years. The Sun joins Mars the last week, heating up your professional affairs and keeping you quite busy achieving your goals and initiating new business. Some may find time to travel internationally the first half of May.


Pleasure-seeking Venus will light up your relationship sector, ideal for romance or making new friendships. Restless Mars enters your travel sector, compelling you to join a loved one on an international trip. Also, this is a good month for marketing and promoting any projects via the Internet.


Charming Venus transits your work sector while the Sun shines on your 7th of partnerships and contracts. Aggressive Mars heats up your sector of finance and joint ventures, giving a favorable month for negotiating business deals. Some may find time for a little romance.


Pleasure-seeking Venus highlights your sector of romance, fun and games, and parties. Assertive Mars enters your relationship sector for the first time in 2 years, which can give you the courage to take a risk in a new relationship but is also good for asserting yourself in contract negotiations.


Taurus Sun shines on your 5th, giving desires for enjoying yourself- from attending parties, concerts, or going on a holiday the first half of May. Later restless Mars heats up your work sector, which will keep you busy and catching up on your job duties after being away.


Pleasure-seeking Venus highlights your 3rd of short-distant trips, ideal for weekend getaways. Assertive Mars enters your 5th of romance, parties, and vacations for the first time in 2 years.  This is an ideal month for enjoying life, but Mars may also compel you to take financial risks with investments.




Indulgent Venus aligns with unpredictable Uranus in your sector of income, which either has you impulsively spending money or coming up with new ways of generating more cash.  Ambitious Mars enters your real estate sector, which either has you investing or deciding to make home improvements.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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