Happy Birthday as you make plans for the coming year with your focus primarily on finances and increasing your income with social Venus keeping a low profile. This month, relationships could be tested or you may not have the time to hang out socially due to your work load responsibilities.


Energetic Mars in Taurus gives you the courage to ask for what you want and is favorable for initiating new projects. Retrograde Mercury may have you rethinking and revising your plans. You are in a social mood, and you may just run into an old friend at a party or reconnect via the Internet.


You may be tired from all the work you are trying to accomplish. April is best for making revisions before launching any new projects. Creative projects that may have been on hold could come back to life, and those in authority are taking notice of your talents, which may lead to a potential job opportunity.


If you are going on a trip with friends, you may decide to change your plans due to a misunderstanding or one of the members backing out.  Your business responsibilities may also force you to reschedule as your work may become unexpectedly busy, needing your attention.   


You may be renegotiating previous financial agreements to your benefit, and you could be obtaining a bank loan or hearing about a business opportunity. Discerning retrograde Mercury in your career sector may have you revising your plans, especially if you receive an unexpected job offer.



Venus turns direct in your relationship sector, helping you resolve any misunderstandings, to forgive and heal any rifts. Ambitious Mars will have you promoting new projects that will bring you more work opportunities and keep you busy. By the end of the month, these opportunities may result in a partnership.


Your job should improve with your ruling planet turning direct in your work sector, or you could be attracting new job offers. Contracts and partnership offers are on the table, and you feel confident that you have leverage to negotiate a good deal; but there will be many initial changes.


Passionate Mars in your relationship sector, while relational Venus turns direct in your romance area, can either bring you a love affair or helps to reawaken the intimacy back into an existing partnership. Mars can also give you the courage the negotiate business deals with more confidence.


Creative Venus turns direct in your home sector giving new home furnishings. You may be hosting a party for your family and friends at your house. Impulsive Mars is keeping you busy and is best when channeled through exercise; this will reduce your stress levels so you can be more productive.


Forgiving Venus turns direct in the sector of siblings and neighbors, which can help heal any previous misunderstandings. Sun shines on your home sector as Mars stimulates activity with children, setting up an ideal month for engaging the family with enjoyable physical activity.


Income that had been delayed will be released this month as you decide to indulge yourself with a luxury purchase. Retrograde Mercury in your home sector can give misunderstandings with family members. Best not to start any home improvements, as it could become too complicated.



Charming and creative Venus turns direct in Pisces, an ideal time for falling in love or healing any relationship tensions. You will feel more social and attractive; this may compel you to buy a new wardrobe to fit your new self-confidence. Artists will be more inspired and recognized for their talents.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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