Pleasure-seeking Venus aligns with passionate Mars in Aries, giving you the charisma that can light up a room and can also attract more romance into your life. This a positive time for selling yourself and initiating new projects, as your enthusiasm will attract others to jump on board and believe in you.


Your mind is on business and your career as you focus on a plan to achieve your long-range goals. You may be less social because of your need to alone to develop your projects, but your passion is strong to develop your ideas, and you’ll be ready to launch by March when ambitious Mars enters Taurus.


Your sign enjoys interacting socially, as you could be attending more group events than usual. This can be good time for business networking as well as expanding your social circle, and a friend may turn romantic. This is a good month for traveling or making plans for an international journey.


This is a good month to launch a new business or give a presentation, as your passion for your projects will excite others to support you. This month provides excellent energy for artists and performers. Your focus will be on business negotiations the first half, but later you will be traveling either for business and/or pleasure.


You will be quite motivated to promote your business with internet marketing, publishing, advertising, or even business travel.  The goal is to attract more customers or clients, and you may even seek out a partner to help expand your business. Romance could be stimulated with a vacation.


Personally, this could be a more passionate month. Some may even start a romance they prefer to keep private at first. In business you could be negotiating a work or partnership contract that could change the course of your career.  You may also be focused on achieving a healthier lifestyle.


If you are not falling in love this month, you may be getting a marriage proposal. Tread cautiously as the love planet turns retrograde in March- that will test any new relationship. The eclipse is shaking up your work sector as you could be attracting a new job offer or a business contract 


Your enthusiasm and competitive nature is extra strong and is best channeled with new work projects. This could be a positive time for starting an exercise program. Some may be thinking of cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance, and some may encounter romantic sparks at the work place.


Venus Mars alignment awakens creative and romantic passions and are highlighting the sector of children, romance, entertainment and parties. Some may give birth to a child or a creative project or fall in love,  while others may want to enjoy the pleasures of life and not work so hard.


You could be spending money on a new home, remodeling, or on new furnishings, but others may decide to entertain at home and invite friends and family for a party. If you wanted to get away for a vacation, many of you would be turning it into a family holiday or reunion.


Happy Birthday as you start a new cycle with the Venus Mars alignment in your 3rd of learning, ideas, writing, speaking and sales.  This month provides great energy to jump start the year by creative writing, taking a class, or looking for a job, as you can really sell yourself as well as sell any product.



Solar eclipse in Pisces will shake you out of any dull or stuck patterns, and the passion of Venus Mars aligning is stimulating your sector of income; whereby, you could increase your cash flow (maybe with a new job).  Be careful of indulgent and impulsive spending sprees.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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