You may receive offers for financial opportunities in the form of a contract or business proposal.  The first 3 weeks, your focus is on selling yourself or your products. This is a favorable time for speaking and writing.  With the extra money, you could begin home remodeling or repairs.


Attractive and charming Venus will be in your sign, favorable for socializing, feeling good, and making new friendships. Work opportunities should expand with new job offers or attracting more work projects.  You will be aggressive in your discussions, but Venus will provide diplomacy.


Happy Birthday! You start a new yearly cycle, feeling lucky but also able to balance your work obligations with a personal life. You will aggressively seek to increase your income and may find yourself confidently negotiating financial deals.  Socially, you will prefer to be more low key.


Mars in your sign triggers courage and the ambition to initiate new projects; but be careful not to step on the toes of others in your pursuit of gains, as others will push back. Family can be supportive, and real estate matters can be lucky and expansive— friends can be a source of support.


You are feeling good about the direction of your career, and others may be acknowledging your progress. You may also be working hard behind the scenes developing future projects. You could be getting away on weekend trips this summer to wind down and recharge your body and mind.




Pleasure-seeking Venus is highlighting your long-distant travel sector. The confident Sun shines on your career sector with expansive Jupiter turning more positive in your 2nd house of income.  Team work would be more productive for you than going it alone as you try to achieve your goals.


Ambitious Mars has you taking the lead and initiating new business projects as optimistic Jupiter turns direct in Libra. This will bring you more opportunities to succeed. Jupiter also enjoys traveling, so you should have a nice balance between accomplishing your goals and getting away.


Social Venus in your relationship sector attracts new love but also awakens more intimacy within existing relationships.  Restless Mars is in your travel sector, joined by the Sun the last week, provides an ideal time for traveling with a loved one for a romantic getaway; unless you meet someone traveling.


Your ruling planet turns direct in your 11th as friends can be more supportive and realizing that your long range goals are attainable. Benefic Venus in your work sector is favorable for creative projects, enjoying the company of your co-workers, or just enjoying your job.


Lucky Jupiter releases its promises in your career sector, bringing you more positive opportunities and recognition. But it’s not all work! Passionate Mars in your relationship sector and pleasure-seeking Venus in your sector of fun and romance give you a nice balance this month.


One part of you wants to get away and travel, but you have work obligations. Contented Venus is happy to stay home and enjoy the family. You may take the family on a trip, or you could travel to visit family; but you still need to accomplish your job duties before getting away.




Pleasurable Venus in the 3rd is ideal for week-end getaways and socializing with your neighbors. Energetic Mars seeks to gather a few friends for competitive game contests. You also may just want to hang out with your children, as your own inner child wants to come out and play.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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