Making home improvements or actively searching for new properties is the main theme, but the last week of the month, your attention is drawn to relaxing, vacationing, hanging out with the kids, and attending parties.  July is favorable for enjoying your siblings or getting to know your neighbors.


It’s summer, but you are running from one appointment to another, focusing on increasing your income. You may be in a high energy phase, ideal for sales. You may also be selling yourself and your ideas at meetings or at a job interview. Your work duties increase or you may get the job you were seeking.


Charming and social Venus transits Gemini. Some of you could make a love connection, especially as lucky Jupiter is in your 5th of romance and parties. Additionally, ambitious Mars and the Sun transits your money sector, providing a balance between work and play.


Happy Birthday! Your new cycle begins with assertive and ambitious Mars in your sign, ideal for taking risks and initiating new work projects over the next year. July has social Venus keeping a low profile, as you are focused on work.


Your mind is brain storming idea, but you are keeping most of them to yourself or are quietly developing projects behind the scenes. By the last week you are getting restless to announce your business affairs, and it could be at a large social event or among friends who will be supportive.




This is a favorable business month. With diplomatic Venus in your career sector, this is a good time for making deals, especially with lucky Jupiter giving more financial opportunities. You are either getting support from friends or your business activities involves a team effort all working towards a mutual goal.


Confident Sun and assertive Mars highlights your career sector with expansive Jupiter giving you luck and opportunities for your business to expand. Pleasure-seeking Venus has you desiring to travel long distances that could manifest by the last week of the month or when you are making the plans.


You might find yourself traveling for pleasure or marketing for business the first 3 weeks, but then your work activities heat up, keeping you busy into August. July is the best time to vacation before you get too busy to get away. Fair-minded Venus seeks win-win negotiations but is also good for attracting loans and investors.


Attractive Venus in your relationship sector can give a new romance or resolve any previous problems and is ideal for developing business partnerships or attracting financial contracts. You could join a tour or organize friends to go on an adventurous trip, keeping you physically active.


Sun and assertive Mars in the relationship sector could be too heated for personal relationships, triggering disagreements but ideal for negotiating contracts and partnerships. Benefic Venus in your job sector is attracting new work projects and is also favorable for getting a job offer.


Confident Sun and ambitious Mars in your work sector will keep you busy and competitive, but try not to step on any co-worker toes, or they will push back. You may be busy finishing up job obligations by the last week so you can relax and enjoy yourself with your partner on a vacation.




Sun aligned with high-energy Mars in your sector of fun and games, along with romance and parties, will keep you socially active and provides an ideal time for vacationing. The last week of the month, you will find your attention is back on your job duties.


Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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