You may be withdrawing from your usual social activities or keeping a lower profile and preferring more alone time for at least the first 3 weeks. The reason for this is that you will be focused on business matters as you strive to increase your income. Be careful of impulsive spending habits.


Ambitious Mars enters Taurus, giving you the courage to take risks and initiate new projects. This could be a hectic month of activity that can cause stress— you will need to pace yourself. You may not have the time to hang out with friends or attend any social or entertainment events.


Energetic Mars will keep you busy but best to work alone when developing long-term projects, as you may be too impatient to work with others. Social Venus will be retrograde, testing relationships, and especially friendships. You may need more alone time to accomplish your projects.


Social Venus turns retrograde in your career sector. This may strain professional relationships, but you could also be reconnecting with business contacts that may have drifted way and suddenly are reappearing again. Ambitious Mars will work best with a team effort to achieve your goals.


You may need to reschedule travel plans due to your work load becoming too hectic, or you could be rethinking your marketing plans due to an influx of business. When you have the time to travel, you may want to return to an old vacation spot that used to bring you joy in the past.


Restless Mars transits your travel sector. This is beneficial for business matters, but pleasure trips may be more stressful than relaxing. Sun lighting up the 7th of relationships while social Venus retrogrades could bring an old love or friendship back into your life.


Social Venus will be retrograde in your 7th of partnerships, testing and complicating personal relationships. Avoid any sensitive discussions regarding finances, as it could trigger tensions and disagreements. This could be a positive time for reconciling old grievances, or you may hear from an old lover.


As social Venus retrogrades in your work sector, you may ditch your job duties and decide to go on a much needed vacation, or you may be experiencing strained relationships with co-workers and still need a break. The Sun shining in the 5th brings out your inner child who wants to have fun.


Social Venus retrogrades in the 5th of children, parties, and games when either you have pulled away from these pleasures or you realize you need to get back to enjoying life. You will find it difficult to strike a balance as energetic Mars transits your work sector, keeping you very busy.



Active Mars highlights your 5th of children and play while social Venus retrogrades in your family sector, compelling you to reset your work routine and reconnect with having fun with your kids and parents. This is a good month for a reunion, family holiday, or hosting a party at your home.



Venus retrograde in your 3rd of siblings or close neighbors will have you reconnecting if you had been distant. Energetic Mars could stir up trouble with family but can be channeled productively through home repairs, remodeling projects, or even busy packing to relocate to a new home.



Happy Birthday! You start a new yearly cycle with more confidence to sell yourself in meetings, interviews, or increasing your any sale’s commissions.  With indulgent Venus retrograding in your financial sector, you may be inclined to spend too much money and later regret it.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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