Work, service, and healthcare are the major themes keeping you busy at your job, as well as helping out those in need.  Now that summer is ending you are getting back in work mode and could be launching new business projects or starting a new job and returning to a healthier regimen.


The sector of self-expression and recreational activities is highlighted, ideal for having a good time attending parties or going on a vacation. Romance is definitely a possibility. Your inner child wants to come out and play, and you may enjoy hanging out with your own children.


Your attention is drawn to home improvement projects now that the summer is wrapping up, but you could also be feeling the urge to relocate to a new home.  This is an ideal month for entertaining at your place as well as celebrating family events, from reunions and weddings to vacationing together.



Could be a busy month with a hectic schedule of meetings, errands, and catching up with unfinished business matters.  You are able to express your ideas successfully. This is an ideal time for writing, marketing, or speaking engagements but also for sales, as you could potentially be selling yourself at a job interview.   


Increasing your income is a main focus, but be careful of impulsive spending sprees. With moderation, you can come out ahead.  Ambitious Mars transits your money sector, good for giving the courage to ask for what you want in business matters. Be careful, you could also become too aggressive.



Happy Birthday! Many will be initiating new projects, feeling very upbeat about your future prospects. This is definitely a busy work period, but you will find the time to enjoy your life especially the last 2 weeks, a more socially active period when romance could be reawakened.


This month can feel like a holding pattern waiting for something to break free, but you could also be working behind the scenes on long range future projects. Your sign doesn’t like to be alone, as you may be too busy to attend many social events and preferring more quiet time with loved ones.


Social Venus and assertive Mars are joining forces, compelling you to be more open to attending large social events, or at least enjoying the company of your friends. You can accomplish more in a team effort rather than going it alone, and friends or groups can help you achieve your goals.


Your enthusiasm is focused on your career as you could be taking the lead, promoting new business projects, or getting the recognition you deserve.  The last two weeks is best for negotiating new projects, as others will be attracted to your charisma and passion, wanting to support you.


Your 9th sector is favorably highlighted ruling the areas of travel, education, marketing, and publishing.  Ideal month to go back to school or begin teaching as well as promoting your ideas to the world via an Internet marketing campaign.  The lucky ones will be enjoying a foreign getaway.



Negotiating business deals or forming new financial partnerships will be a strong theme. This is a favorable time for getting loans or investors. Your inner life can also be deepened via psychology or having an astrology reading, both of which can provide important insights for your self-improvement.




Partnerships, marriage, and contract matters will hold your attention, and the last 2 weeks you could fall in love or take casual dating to the next level.  This is an ideal time for negotiating contracts or starting a business partnership. Romantic sparks could reawaken the passion back into a marriage. 


Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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